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Best Team for starting with a Delta Squirtle


What Pokémon should I get to help balance out Delta Squirtle’s weaknesses?


Uhh, it depends, from my experience I recommend you pick up Delta Aipom, and Delta Ralts. You can then choose the rest, its obviously your choice, but those 2 pokemon are what I recommend, since Delta Aipom has only 1 weakness and 3 immunes. Delta Ralts can be op when evolved into Delta Gallade or Gardevoir


Okay thank you for that.


your welcome


Question though, should I get Delta Pidgey or is it even worth the training up?


You should get it, because I actually have a Delta Pidgeot, and he is a tanker agaisnt the champ/2 of the elite fours.


But know u will have 2 dark types and there isnt much ghost type things u can use dark type for.


Sweet then I’m grabbing it. That’s four Pokemon now I need a 5th and 6th one. Im already thinking of D Muk but I need a fire and water type.


I recommend you go until the victory road to pick up Tododilea and Cyndiquil, then at the Victory Road, you can find a Delta Species that is water/fire type.


Let me guys, Delta Lilligant?


yes, and “guys” very good


I meant to say “guess” sorry.


its fine, i understand XD
well go! start playing, its a rlly fun game in general


May I ask what your team is?


uhhh ok

Delta Venasaur
Delta Lilligant (Fire)
Delta Luxray
Delta Pidgiot
Delta Reuniclus
Delta Gallade


Notice how I have both Tanks, and Attackers/Special Attackers


Nice man an all Delta team. Also isn’t Delta Pigeot a Dragon/Normal type?


Delta Pidgeot is Dark/Dragon (4x weak to fairy)


Oh okay thanks for telling me.