Best Team for Nyx?

What is the best possible team to go up against Nyx?

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You can duo it with CM (Possibly mega)D. Gardevoir and Speed Boost Pass Ninjask. Just make sure to give D. Garde Shadow Ball. Ninjask can have 2 attacking moves, Protect/Another attack, Baton Pass. You can pick more specific mons to just target things like M. Kanga.

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whats cm


Calm Mind, @jerewryy


Dude give NYX a taste of his own medicine. mega kanga does perfectly well against this team. I would suggest fake out, power up punch, sucker punch and return (u can max the friendship by feeding him 20 ev reducing berries. Mostly the one which reduces sp. Attack).
I would like to know your whole team to tell other changes.
I am new to the forums though so feel free to point out any mistakes.

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I was thinking that too, actually had one in the backline for later when i could get a Kangaskhanite. Looks like its about time to bring it to light