Best tank in the game?

What pokemon is the best tank in the game?

It kinda depends, but overall, Delta Milotic, Delta Venusaur, Ferrothorn, and Shuckle are decent tanks and/or stallers.

I agree with you, except shuckle. Not a great wall, look at its HP

I say the Delta Snorlax you get from Mystery Gift is pretty amazing.

Teach it bulk up and EV train it like a regular defensive Snorlax.

I’ve tanked Mega Rayquaza attacks with it even. It’s that ridiculous.

If he has a chance to set up with Bulk Up he can tank most damage AND dish it out.

It also learns Synthesis and you can change its ability to Thick Fat which removes its fire and ice weaknesses.

D serperior is a very good tank too: with multiscale and a defensive EV spread he is an amazing wall with glare, slack off, dragon tail and scald he can ruin an opponent’s set up

D regi family are very good too they can learn recover, they have good abilities and registeel can learn will-o-wisp and with his hidden ability he can use stealth rock’s fire version.

Oh man, I had no idea. recover on something with 150 def and sdef. my god.

I’m fond of AV Sand Stream D-Avalugg. Gets 2.25x boost to Sp. Def and has decent enough attack to clean shit up.