Best setup for an entry hazard setter D.Metagross?

This is the moveset that I have planned for my D. Metagross (Spider)
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Toxic Spikes
X Scissors or Stealth Rock idk

what would the best nature for this be? I was thinking Impish but I’m not completely sure. Also what EV spread would work best?

I’d go for stealth rock over x scissors/toxic spikes

also I’d go for jolly 252 hp 252 spe 4 spdef

just so you can out speed many things OR

impish/careful 252 hp 252 def/spdef 4 def/spdef

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More or less, your choice between reusable defensive wall with Poison Heal or one time use. I’d go defensive.

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if you want it to be useful offensively as well, id go adamant and use u turn instead of stealth rock. (it has 135 atk, making stab earthquake and U-turn powerful) for evs, 252 atk and 252 hp (if you use this set)

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Yeah I won’t be able to get Poison Heal till postgame since it’s an HA sadly but I’ll probably use Immunity and Leftovers for the time being.

K, well, you could use defensive spreads and still have EQ+U turn+2Hazards of your choice. With that great attack stat, it doesn’t need much of a boost.