Best set for d magmortar?

Title asks all. Im trying to get to beat the e4 (first try have not beat so end game items not available.

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Delta Magmortar @ Leftovers/Choice Specs
Ability: Mega Launcher
252 SpA, 252 Def, 4 SpD
Water Pulse
Aura Sphere
Dark Pulse
Flash Cannon

thanks so much it will be usefull.

unfortunatley since im not a competitive battler, I dont know what the 252 Spa is or the others. I know what they mean but how to get ti that point?

Bruuhhhhh I cant get the tm because I think its an endgame item…

It’s on Route 15…

No no the dark pulse tm… I think its in the distortion world…

Yep, Cerebrum Town.

Well damn


well just find another Pulse/Aura move thats special

could it use some other move like a stat raising move?

Bruhhhhhhhh there is no other move thats aura or pulse…

it cant learn dragoon pulse, orgin pulse, or heal pulse,

That’s a gigantic F

gave it flamethrower for grass coverage…

mk but it’s neutral to grass

oh yeaaaaa

but still useful