Best possible team pt 2

7 gyms beat

Delta raichu is good

i mean only with ha imo

you could make noctem team

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true u have d scyther, d elekid, d blastoise, d zard, d budew, maybe umbreon ig, d volc, keldeo with boosted surf, d renunicles with boosted ghost, d shinx to beat fairies

whispers D budew

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or a team around MD typhlosion

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i mean u also have a lot of mons who appreciate fairy being weakened, like zekrom and chomp

yeah m d typhlo can be on new moon

1.5x spatk under rain/new moon but it might be better under rain bcuz of thunder being a god move

also manaphy, keldeo, d torterra, d raichu and 100% accurate hurricane, maybe d wail if it doesnt have snow warning

ew manaphy
Tail Glow Vibes

ew grape

tail glow +hydration+rain+leftovers… lmao

rest+tail glow+boosted surfs+hydration+coverage

bruh audrey is so hard to beat now…

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i need a grass type delta… but my route 8 delta munchlax is broken again\

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i can prob get u smth

:open_mouth: yay thank u