Best Place to Grind Exp at Each Stage of the Game?

As the Topic implies I’m wondering what the best possible way for me to level up pokemon at each step of the game. Personally I’m stuck grinding exp in Vipik City and find it quite tedious (prolly cause I’m doing it wrong). All suggestions would be helpful, thanks in advance.

Do you have a secret base (found in Metchi town)? If so, use the Audino trainer to grind exp. If I remember correctly, you can fight against three level 40 audino in one battle once you beat Xavier, which will give you a ton of experience.

Until you beat Xavier (which I haven’t yet, you’re limited to 3 level 20’s. I’ll try that but I thought that gets expensive after awhile.

correction: I didn’t realize they killed themselves and you got paid, my bad.

As for now you earn money by training at the Level trainer. The Level trainer in the Secret Base is the best option for Grinding at every stage in the game as soon as you are able to access the Secret Base in Metchi Town.

The Levels of the Audino will increase by 10 Levels after every Gym Badge earned.

where is the trainer, my secret base seems to be empty

Use the tablet to buy a level trainer.

Actually I found its really good to get a pokemon with a dark type move and take every pokemon out of your party and use the pokemon with the dark type move (to efficently kill the rotom which appears from the TV) and kill it over and over. Each time you level up the rotom will match that pokemons level

yeah na I have a level 106 and I barley get 2k exp

Where are u consistently getting a rotom to spawn