Best mega hydreigon build?

At first i was thinking timid, then I heard that it actually gets stronger the closer it gets to fainting, and his speed is 98. Now I’m not sure. Hp? Defenses? Modest? Maybe even a defensive nature.

He has 105 defenses and 98 hp, but is weak to ice and double weak to fairy. He can kill fairies if he’s fast enough by using flash cannon, but again, 98 speed. He also can’t learn endure or hold a focus sash.


98 speed is better than nothing so between timid and modest timid is a better option ( so he can outspeed all 317 and kyurem has this speed ).

moves should be : flash cannon,dark pulse,dragon pulse and flamethrower or focus blast.

you can even try with : roost,flash cannon,dragon pulse and dark pulse if you want a recovery and he does not loses the new heads that he gains in combat.

another set

bold 252 hp 252 def

roost,thunder wave,dragon pulse and dark pulse.

this is a defensive set.

you can breed hydreigon so you can try all sets and find the best for you.

I’m currently training for the E4 and I want to know what would be the best moveset for my Hydreigon. I’m using the semi-free shiny that you get from the broadcast tower. mine has the naughty nature. also, yes i am aware of the fact that it’s been (x) amount of years.