Beginner looking for any pokemon with Pokerus

Trading Name: hanjimin

Offer: I don’t have much to offer, sorry.

Request: any pokemon with pokerus

Further info: I am just starting the game and would like to trade for any pokemon with pokerus. I don’t have anything interesting to trade yet, sorry.

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Hi there! I have a pokemon with Pokerus I could trade you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, thanks for the help! Can I send you back any pokemon? I don’t really have much to offer lol. When is a good time for you?

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Don’t worry you can just trade me a Caterpie from Shade Forest or something! :grin:

& I can trade with you right now if you like!

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Okay, sounds good! I can trade right now if you are ready.

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My trading name is Epsilom 317

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Thank you! Massive help for me :blush:

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:joy: You’re welcome! :frog:

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