Beat the game? Can you share your save please

I cannot beat the E4 (first time), and I honestly don’t have the patience to raise a full delta team to 80s, only to be creamed again by either a b*tch and her Smergle, or frost queen and her TWO MAX REVIVES!

I want to experience the full story, but I do NOT want to be stuck on the E4 for months due to a stupid scaling system.

If you’re willing to share your save with me, I promise I won’t trade/give away/etc anything on the save. I just want to enjoy the game and not be so frustrated to the point of not playing. I’d also be willing to give you my high level mons and deltas.

Your levels are really really low for the Elite Four. Like about 15 under what you should be for the Elite Four to have them scaling properly. I would suggest grinding up to about Lv. 95 you will find it a lot easier of a time.

I don’t think the levels matter in my case. I have never been one to use items in battle. In all the handheld games, Gamecube games, etc…I’ve never used items in battle, and I’m certainly not going to start.