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Bayleef or chikorita


Trading Name: JLan

Offer: lvl 38 Kaputops or level 36 Servine, druddigon 38, steelix 43
Request: Chikorita or bayleef (low level is fine!)

Id love a chikorita or a bayleef to start my dream squad but have been unable to find a trade and am a ways off from getting to Holon. If anyone would like to trade let me know

Further info:


I can get you a chikorita. We can see if we can trade tomorrow. Also, a bit surprised that bayleef is postgame…or at least 6 badges in for friend safari.


thatd be awesome! I should be on tomorrow, not sure what time but whenever you have a sec im sure ill find time


My usual timeframe is around 5:00pm-8:00pm PST


That will be fine!


im online now if you are, if not no worries!


I’ll be on in about 45 minutes. I have to take care of something first, then I’ll be right with you! :smiley:


Okay, ready.


sorry just saw this! getting back on now


Alrighty, I’ll get on as well! Trading Username is: XanderTheMerc19


any pokemon you want in particular that i listed ??


Nothing in particular, you get any mon, I don’t mind.


Okay! im on


There you are! Gave it some egg moves as well. Hope you enjoy! :smiley:


leach seed <33333 even better then what i wanted, thanks!!

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