Battling Zygarde in Terminus Cave?

Hi there,
so i’ve finished the taen quest, caught Zygarde there and have been collecting the cells. i have two left to find but was wondering if it is possible to fight the zygarde in terminus cave before then? I had gone there before and interacted with zygarde, but it didn’t do anything so i just figured i had to get all the cells before facing him

I don’t think you can fight that zygarde, the only one you get is in the taen quest

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ah ok, thnx

If I remember correctly from reading on the wiki, Zygarde CAN be fought and caught in Terminus cave ONLY if you failed the one in the Taen quest

You can catch the Zygarde in Terminus Cave, but only if you missed out on catching the one in Taen’s quest in the Dragon Ruins. If you miss or kill the one in Terminus Cave, it’ll also respawn 12 hours later.

However, if you catch the one in Dragon Ruins, the one in Terminus Cave is just used to transform formes either into 10% Zygarde or gaining the Power Construct ability, depending on the amount of cells and cores that you have collected.