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Battle Bond Greninja Pokemon Reborn

Hi I am playing pokemon reborn for first time . And is going to choose a starter .

I like to choose froakie . So that i can evolve it to Greninja .

Will greninja have Battle Bond Ability (or how to get it) .

No it does not have battle bond sadly…

But u can use this mod which will add it u have 1/13 chance to get a froakie which has that ablity Aephiex's Ash-Greninja - The Mod Market - Reborn Evolved Instructons are on the post.

Aephiex’s File is showing as unavailable

Sorry but i cant help you and i dont have the file.

OK . Is there a way to get Protean Greninja then ?

Yes i think it does exist before picking up the starter soft reset and check if it has.

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Ok . I will try right now

Shiny chance in this game is also high.

Man I got a protean Froakie

But not shiny

Well try again if u want shiny shiny looks amazing.

Is there level caps for trainer’s pokemon (I mean the pokemon we caught in wild) in Pokemon reborn ?

Yes there is.

The game is VERY hard be warned.

Oh no…

Harder then radical red.

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I sit harder than Radical Red