Base Milotic Set

Im planning to use a Milotic (Bulky Special Attacker) in my Hard Mode Nuzlocke. I planned a little set, but im not sure if its good (and idk which nature to use so…). Tell me if there are more improvements that it can be made to the set. If yall think its trash just tell me and sugget a new set, it wont hurt me. :))))

Surf/Scald (idk which is better)
Ice Beam
Dragon Pulse/Toxic (pls help me choose)


Scald is better if you want to use it to wall physical mons, but if you want it to be a bulky staller, run toxic/recover.

So if im running a bulky sp. atk milotic i should choose dragon pulse over toxic?

Yeah sure. But you can also do a fast sweeper on rain…there are many options with Milotic. I’m bad at comp, so ask @ezlaturbo

Nah, bulky is almost always better. Competitive is better than Marvel Scale imo, and Scald is always better than Surf for the chance to cripple your opponent. Toxic is better than DPulse since you have Ice Beam. You could also go SpDef Nilo with Coil. Go 252 HP, 252 SpA, 4 Def, since you’re using it not as a wall.

So the optimal set is:
Ability: Competitive

Ice Beam

252 HP/252 SpA/4 Def

I tried to breed a 6iv feebas yesterday i and got it :slight_smile:

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I personally prefer a fully defensive set, with this spread:

Milotic @ Milotite
Ability: Competitive
EVs: 252 Hp / 60 Def / 196 SpD
Bold Nature
-Scald / Moonblast
-Haze / Dragon Tail

Although, this is more for competitive battles instead of playthrough.

Since you don’t use speed investment, Modest of a better choice.

So Modest is better than Timid with the spread im using?

Yes, since your goal is not to be the fastest possible and you are more of a Tank, then focusing on the power is better overall.