Back again

Hi guys,

some of you might remember me from some way back. I just got over some personal issues recently, and now I make my return.

However, my old harddrive broke, so I have to restart my save now.

I’m looking forward to once again be an active member of this forum.

Thank you for reading through this rather long post.


Welcome back. Once you’ve got that new save up and running, do you want the prizes from the tourney? I think I still have most if not all of them

I remember you :wink:

Sucks to see that you have to restart, I’ll give you 2 bredmons for free.

Uuuh, yeah that would be nice! Thanky ou so much. I’ll pm you once I can trade :slight_smile:

Thanks Cheese, I’ll take any help I can get at this point. So I’ll make sure to pm you once I can trade again! :slight_smile:

Remember the trading rule, @mention me please instead of PM

@Cow538 yes, I will. Still over discord right?