Ava's shop of requests and stuff

Trading Name: avaiii

Offer: I’m offering to train your pokemon in any EV spread you request.

Free 5iv/4iv ralts, all modest natured just ask if you want some

Request: 2 IV stones per pokemon, 3 IV stones for two pokemon. :slight_smile:

Further info: Free strand of pokerus, and a heart scale per person.

Note : I don’t give out Pokemon. I only train them

I have 3 iv stone for 2 pokemon?

Sure, what are the two pokemon and the EV spread you want?

hipno …-- ps and speed wezzing atk spec and ps

hypno? weezing?

how many in each spread?

Maximum in each

@ava lemme translate:

hypno w/ 252 HP and 252 speed weezing w/ 252 SpA and 252 HP

That same thanks cow

my trading name is avaiii. Are you ready to trade now?

I am offline I connect in about 10 minutes, you agree?

sure you have the pokemon, correct?

Aah I thought you had to capture your: C I can choose others I have in my inventory then


empoleon - atk espec 256 and hp 256 krookodile atak 256 and speed 256

empoleon is mostly a special attacker

EVs can only go up to 252 and there can be a third stat where one can invest 4 EVs into it. Would you like to choose a third stat?

I think atk espec means special attack


So the final order is

Empoleon - Sp. Atk 252, HP - 252 Krookodile - Atk.252, Speed 252.


Yes, that exactly


are you ready yet?

I’m ready :slight_smile: