Audino Trainer

Could you make the trainer have 6 Audinos? Him having 3 is just unnecessary and lengthens the process

Or, a 4th Audino that’s always level 1, so slogging through the third isn’t so torturous.

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But having six would double your experience, gain rather than having to go through the menus.

There is no need for the Audino trainer to have more than 3 Pokemon in their team. Reason why is, it’s an efficient way to level up on a basic base, you only need to reach a specific amount of leveling and granted an amount of exp that wouldn’t let you over-level yourself.
Plus, it’s a free method that also grant you money having more Audinos would hinder the process too :wink: but that is just a secondary opinion on the matter.
So all in all, that won’t happen in the future, as the process in general should be within that period of use. Just be glad that it doesn’t attack you, not like not any other games would do.

Never thought about the money aspect lol. About the specific levels, doubling the pokemon wouldn’t make it any harder to get a specific level.

Why was audino chosen ? A EV/ IV chart on bulbapedia showed that Blissey gives the most amount of Exp and 3 ev for hp. I suggest Blissey trainer .

A special attacker would take a lot of turns to KO the last Blissey.

It could hold toxic orb

@A_Wild_Noob_Appeared Special attackers may have hard time, but it does give free exp from 2 first pokemon , i switch out to higher pokemon that could use some training to take out last Audino( still hope it can be blissey). @cow538 I think your meant a special attacker with toxic orb and synchronize ability , sure thats a good way to take out last one, but you ll need a potion for the orb holder, i ll simply switch out and give partial exp to my special attacker needing training

I meant, why can’t the blissey just hold a toxic orb so it gets badly poisoned?

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