Asking for the Mystery Gift Shiny Delibird Please Read Further Info

Trading Name: Rchizzle9

Offer: sorry I have nothing read further info

Request: Shiny Mystery Gift Delibird OR a Delibird with the moves: Ice Punch, Ice Shard, Aerial Ace, Focus Punch with Ability Hustle and Nature (preferably) Serious. Also if possible (albeit unlikely), have it hold a Flygonite

Further info: I am trying to recreate Rchizzle9 (a Youtuber)'s Insurgence File as he lost his. One of the Pokemon on his team was the Mystery Gift Delibird (weird choice I know but I’m trying to make it perfect). Unfortunately, the Mystery Gift has ended a long time ago and I cannot attain this Delibird anymore. It would be great if someone could donate this to me in order for Rchizzle to continue the series and further entertain his audience. Also, if possible, it would be great if it held a Flygonite as he also got that Mystery Gift too before it was deleted, but it isn’t as important as Flygon is not on his team. Thank you for reading.

you can get the flygonite in the game now from the the dessert you get mega tyranitars mega stone.

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