Asking for some recolor ideas

I like making new custom sprites, tho im kinda out of ideas on what to recolor. Any suggestions? ill post the recolors here

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perhaps one for your d. haxorus, I have made one already but, it’s bad

hmm lets see delta bulbasaur line does

i like d.hax as it is tho ig i could try

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i hate d.bulbasaur’s line’s shiny, the male version but i rly dont have any idea on how to change them.

Are these recolors for the shiny sprites, the regular sprites, or both?

shiny sprites

can you redo ho oh? I’m really curious on how you can recolour it’s sprite

sure ig, any ideas for the recolor?

maybe make it actually a rainbow? idk I don’t really do recolours but it sounds pretty cool

k ill give it a go

Almost done with the ho-oh

@Sbeve im done, wdyt? personally i think its one of my weaker recolors but yeah

rainbow recolor


well, the black/rainbow/silver colours do not mesh well imo. But it looks pretty decent, ty!

so all gold/silver?

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well that’s just going to end up looking like the og shiny lol

no i mean all gold bit’s replaced by silver

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and vice versa

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I think that wouldn’t make it much better tbh

already made it lol
rainbow recolor2