Ash's hat (Yongster Joey Modification)

A Youngster Joey modification to make it like Ash’s first season hat!

Hope you enjoy :wink:







OBS: It was made to be a MALE custom hat… if it Is apreciated I will make a female version ;D

Dude i wanna downlaod it

To Download:

To Install: The installation process is a little complicated since you have to replace several files in several locations but I will try to simplify it:

1º- Extract the files

2º Copy your “Graphics” folder (that is located on the Pokemon Insurgence game folder) so you have a backup (If you make something wrong among the way ;D)

3º In the “Hat custom” folder you will see a “hat706.png” file and the following folders: “bike” and “run”, copy they and place inside the folder: (It will ask if you want to replace some files, say “yes”) “Pokemon Insurgence 1.1.7\Pokemon Insurgence 1.1.7\Graphics\Characters\Clothes” (or the similar folder that you have installed the game)

4º copy the “icons” folder inside the “Hat custom” and place it on: “Pokemon Insurgence 1.1.7\Pokemon Insurgence 1.1.7\Graphics” (or the similar folder that you have installed the game).

5º copy the folders “Clothes_back” and “Clothes_front” at: “Pokemon Insurgence 1.1.7\Pokemon Insurgence 1.1.7\Graphics\Characters” and replace (or merge it).

6º It’s done! hope you enjoy it! ^^