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Are the devs planning on new games?

The title says it all. (love Insurgence and ZO)


I think some of the devs are working on a new game called Pokemon Epsilon.


and azurite(crossover)

doubt i’ll play azurite bc a gym leader is married to a lopunny


excuse me, what?

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wait wtf. insurgence devs are working on smth like that?

well they left

its just a crossover bc mega d gross and crystalgross

Is that for real? And I thought Gossip Gardevoir and Radomus was bad.

i guess so deuk said it

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Yes, they are currently working on a new game here.

Pokemon Epsilon (
(if I shouldn’t have put the link tell me and I’ll delete it or if you can edit the post, not sure if anyone else can, then do that)

we said that

yeah but having the link here lets them navigate straight to the page.

Some of us are working on Epsilon yes. Azurite does not have any developers from Insurgence working on it, nor have any worked for it.

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Wait what? Seriously? That’s not on the Azurite website. I think.
Also, is it even still in development?