Are shiny legenderies in this game rare?

Hello earlier today I was trying to catch Meloetta by resetting my game every time my quick ball does not work so i don’t end up spending a fourtune on balls. On the 3rd or 4th time of this I encountered a shiny meloetta and caught it with a shiny ball. Are shiny legendaries common or do they have increased shiny rates. I tried

to google it but couldn’t find an answer in thanks in advance for any reply or answer to this.

It took 18115 resets before I found a shiny Mew so I think it’s safe to say you were blessed by RNG today.

Oh wow 18k so that probably means they do not have increased rates. Quick question how long did 18k resets take?

About 6 days.


Hope it at least had good ivs for you.

Is it for trade by any chance?

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Sorry it is not.