Are Route 11's Dive spots glitched?

Finished the Gym, and the battle against Armor Zekrom, and after a bit of grinding I decided it was okay to progress.

Except when I dived on route 11, my game decided it might want to glitch, and now I cannot surface. I also seem to glide over the seaweed, and I can’t use the scuba gear again, or do really anything for that matter.

I’m also pretty sure I’m NOT supposed to be able to do this.

I did try to reload previous saves but I’m an idiot, and I saved down here before I realized I was stuck. (I have to habit of saving more than once because I don’t always remember if i have or not)

So is there a solution, or should I give up and start over?

Edit: I’m going to start over, and when I get here I’ll make a backup before I enter the route. If anyone has a solution post it, i’m going to back up my current save+ as well just in case.