Arceus *spoiler*

Does anyone know the base stats for arceus crystal piece form? Ugh uhm what does his ability do exactly?

Base stats: 120/145/135/145/135/145

Ability: Ancient Presence, makes every move Arceus uses neutral effective, which turns Extremekiller Arceus into an even more lethal mon

WHERE YOU GOT HIM!!! and is it post game?

in wiki, you can see most of the stats of this new pokemon, we are editing as much as we can :slight_smile:

Post game, and you need to have done a multitude of other quests before Arceus is available.

why every good thing is post game :frowning_face:

damn that’s how strong og arceus should be .

can you link it for me?im trying to find arceus some hours now but ive been quite unsuccesful

yes, I am finishing some part of the wiki, let me have some more hourse to check errors please :wink:, at least, you can see thisémon)

love you,thanks

you’re welcome