Anything else that i can do in postgame?

So i did these postgame events. original dragon, reukra-arceus, holon whith the mad professor rechallenged league once delta larvesta, skipping battle frontier its too glitchy, gaea red paperclip, revisited dream realm and cured damian, deyraan groudon event, kyogre and rescue audrey ,missingno, delivered dianas package to persephone, the timeless. battled sylvan, and completed broadcast tower missions and captured both latios and latias. Is there anything else that im missing id want to get first augur out of the dream world and jaern hadnt appeared in the postgame, and calreath is missing.

Someone else mentioned that Jaern doesn’t appear anymore (at least from their experience) and that Calreath is dead. I’m not sure if you can get the first Augur out. From my memory it sounds like you’ve done most of the postgame quests, so until the next patch comes out to fix the glitchy areas, I’d suggest you try and catch the rest of the legendary pokemon. Or deltas. Or just you know, fill out the pokedex works too. Good luck!

calreath is dead? that would be unusual killing off a gym leader in such a way, i thought there was more to his character

Same, I thought he’d get closure. I might go back to the Infernal Base and explore some more and try to find a body or something but last time I went down for Groudon I couldn’t find anything.