Anyone willing to help out a pity case? (Spoilers)

Trading Name: dittocali2k1

Offer: I’ll try and get my hands on whatever you ask

Request: Giratina

Further info: I know this is totally a terrible deal, but I just found out that my only chance to catch the blasted thing was after fighting Nyx. Not knowing this, I just knocked it out under the assumption that it wasn’t catchable for whatever reason. I just beat the timeless if that helps with your request any


Trading name:ILoveKittens

Request:Any Pokemon(except gen 1) :happy: :happy:


Come online now if you want Giratina

Will do!

Ok i am online now

By the way,It holds a…

Crystal piece…

Quick question since I’m a total noob, how do I access the trading menu? :sweat:

Use the dexnav

Alright thanks, I’m online now


You have a primal giratina now,Right?

I seem to be frozen on a loading screen of sorts. The multicolored checker screen. It saves the trade right?


Re-open your game

The Yanmega is still in my party.

Do you want a mewtwo…

For ur d.Gardevoir


Is there a trade animation or anything? I just got waiting during the process and then it said you left.


But I have it too…

I’m gonna reload a few more times to make sure

It didn’t save tho so Can we try again?