Anyone want a timid d. larvesta?

[still open]
Trading Name: hulaunicorns

Offer: d. larvesta timid nature eggs (4+ perfect IVs)

Request: IV stones, rare candies, possibly good natured competitive pkmn

Further info: I have a few boxes of unhatched d. larvesta eggs, just wondering if anyone wanted any before I started getting rid of them :3

I’d be interested! how many rare candies/IV stones are you thinking?

I have a few different offers so just chose one u prefer xD

1 IV stone: 3 random d.larvesta eggs (by random I mean gender and which IVs are perfect)

2 IV stones: 3 d. larvesta eggs and i can throw in a dratini, d. noibat, d. squirtle or any other delta of request (random nature)

3 IV stones: 6 d. larvesta eggs and an adamant torchic, adament dratini, modest d. squirtle, or modest d. goomy (can you tell I was breeding for a specific pokemon? xD)

I think I’ll take you up on that third offer! (I’ve got perfect IV blaziken and Dragonite already, so that modest d. squirtle is quite appealing!).

I’ll be good to trade in a few hours if that works for you (or we could find another time that works for us both if not)

my trading name is same as on here

ayyy you got the same idea as me xD

So to confirm, it’s 3 IV stones for 6 d. larvesta eggs and a modest squirtle?
Yeah, I’ll be free in a few hours, so just hmu a few minutes before so I can get ready. I’m also on the discord server under the same name as my trade name, if for some reason you can’t reach me :))

Yup, that’s the trade! Awesome, I’ll hit you up in a little while then

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Alrighty, I’m good to trade whenever you are! (btw theres a chance you’ll get even more pkrs pokemon, since I’ve had a good number of mine infected for a while now)

haha what a coincidence; I literally just got home xD

oh cool! but if you’d rather keep those mons that’d be fine (i just got pokerus yesterday from a random egg haha)
i’ll msg u in a few when I’m ready :))

ok i’m ready, imma do the modest squirtle and 5 of the eggs first, and then i’ll give u the 6th in the next trade

sweet, works for me!

damn you in luck xD the only modest squirtle i have left has 5 perfect IVs. Hope it serves you well xD

I’m online now so whenever ur ready :))

everything ok? It says you’re online but haven’t accepted my request yet :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhh why is it not workinggg

Nice! definitely saves me a great amount of hassle, thanks!

hopefully everything is good on your end too!

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oof it really only works when it wants to huh?

ready with the last egg

is it not working* for you too?

Yup, im all good for the last egg, thanks!

last time it all came up blank on your side

the same thing keeps happening to me too :stuck_out_tongue:

I requested a trade now, hope this works xD

perfect! been a pleasure trading with you!

ah, do you not want the last egg?

didnt I get all six now? Ill certainly take another though!