Anyone trading the Mystery gift pokemon?

Trading Name: dayday

Offer: Iv stones

Request: Mystery gift delta pokemon

Further info:I have about 60ish iv stones and im looking for the deltas for the pokedex.

Do you have D. Snorlax?

I have already had that but I traded it away so i dont really need it but thanks though!

How many stones for a delta misdreavus?

(I don’t have, just wondering)


Hm… Now let me find someone on discord who sells them for half that and get back to you. BRB

Ok thanks Cow.

Just saying, before you fork over a bunch of iv stones for mystery gift pokemon, all of them will be available during the next update. Unless you just want to get them done instead of wait for 1.2, in which case just ignore this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I know this but Im trying to complete the pokedex now.

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