Anyone trade a shedinja with sunny day and dig

Trading shiny camerupt for shedinja with sunny day and dig
trading name:Bugzandet\

I can fulfill that request for you no problem, what nature would you like the shedinja to be?

lonely or any nature

what is your user name in dexnav

alrighty, no prob. Just wanted to make sure you got exactly what you’d like!
My trade name is same as on here and am on US EST, so hopefully won’t be too hard to find a time to trade!

how about right now?

how about 9:00?

is 9;00 am ok?

oops sorry was away when you typed this. If you’re around any time soon, I can do it no prob. Otherwise, yeah 9 am US EST is just fine

how about right now?

alright cool, works for me! just need a sec to get back to pick it up from the pc


yep getting on dexnav now

Thank you!

awesome, thanks! I can get you some other mons too if you want since you traded over a shiny

no thanks

Ok bye

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