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Anyone played henry stickman? tell your fav moment

i loved the game and want to discuss about it

The Henry stickman games are fire, and I love the majoras mask fail scene

what about the jojo refrence

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I don’t watch it myself, but I still found it hilarious

I think I liked the teleport, Metroid, and Ookemon from Stealing the Diamond.

also the z move catogorized as y type move

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I like the biggoron sword achievement in infiltrating the airship

The game was nuts, haven’t played it myself but I’ve seen every ending. I loved the Pokemon reference on Stealing The Diamond

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ikr also another pokemon reference in the betrayed 2 choice y type move


My favorite moments include the Convict Allies Ending in Fleeing the Complex and the Valiant Hero and Triple Threat endings in Completing the Mission. Oh, and all the fails involving the Fortnite’s default dance in Completing the Mission.

I didn’t played the games, but watched walkthoughs thanks to Markiplier, German Garmendia and Jacksepticeye. Glad to know they arrived in quarantine to deliver one more game :yum:

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do not read me
Seriously... do not read me

did you expect something here


Don’t necro.

It’s not about information. It’s fine to necro topics that don’t actually give any information if under ~1 year