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Anyone know of a good pokemon fangame?


i love Pokemon insurgence so now i want to try out a new Pokemon fan game. so whoever knows of a good Pokemon fan game i’d appreciate if you’d tell me though i do have some more info that’ll make it more specific. Pokemon insurgence is probably the best example of the perfect fan game for me, it has a dark yet interesting story and it’s difficulty isn’t to the point where you just want to destroy your computer. so fan games like Pokemon reborn and Pokemon rejuvenation aren’t possible for me, so i’d prefer a Pokemon game with great story and decent difficulty so is anyone reading this knows of one i’d love to know :slight_smile:


If you’re a member of the discord, use the command !fangames there.


Available Fangames

Short Fangames/Short Demos

Upcoming Fangames

Both Zeta and Omicron, and Epsilon are made by largely the same people as Insurgence