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Anyone know how to get pp ups?

Anyone knows a way to get pp ups or something to increase my pp?

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I don’t exactly know where, I know that you can get them from the game corner as a prize.

PP Ups are only available as a prize in the roggan town lotto. So, rip

Trying not to bother you,but where is the game corner

Roggan Town

Is there any other item I can get to increase my pp?


Is there any other item?

To increase your pp , no. To restore your pp yes. Leppa Berries exist

What do you mean by restore?

… Ur kidding me?
By restore I mean, for example, let’s say you were using fire blast, but it now has 0 pp cause u used it 5 times already. With a leppa Berry or anything else that restores pp, u could restore fire blast’s pp

Oh wait ye I am dumb this whole topic I meant restore.:man_facepalming:

Oh lol

To sum up, u can get leppa berries on the sonata tracks, check the wiki for more details

Ok thnx

You can also just buy them post game.

From what i see they are probably not post game tho. So, sonata tracks is their best option ig.

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You can, so random guy in the battle frontier sell a ton of berries, of of them being leppa

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I meant that @Moodmah (probably) isn’t at post game, I know u can get leppa berries on battle frontier lmao

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Ah that makes sense

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