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Anyone Help me in Pokemon Renjuvenation

Hi . I am trying to Play Pokemon Renjuvenation . But an error is occurring please help

I have been trying many times but still not working anyone please help

Reinstall the game

I tried that but it doesn’t work

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Well i’ve pmed about the save file i can fix it.

You aren’t supposed to be playing Rejuvenation anyway.

~12 year old computer, 2GB of RAM, non-dedicated CPU…

Rejuv is tanky af lmao

Nah not really mate

It should run fine.

Oh ok nvm rip…

I found the solution . My pc is weak one . I will try to play v12 rather than v13

Where did you find version 13, on reborn website I only find v12
if you want reborn engine on it, this runs much better for me atleast

That’s still a thing in 2021? Damn that hurts me to the SOUL

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Should be in a museum rather than being used in all honesty.


my pc is worse then this LMAO

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Just type google . I got it from there

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Fr. If I had a stable amount of money I’d buy him a new PC lmao

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Mee too


Damn…that’s sad. I’m 13, and I have a 4Gb ram 64 go storage Lenovo Ideapad