Anyone have a rough estimate on when 1.2 will be available?

Just recently finished all that 1.1 has to offer for now and I can say I am very impressed. This is a very good game and it isn’t even done yet great job by all the developers keep up the great work!

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I think around April because the new mystery gift will be coming out that time but I am not sure. It will be most likely done by mid 2016.

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this is my rough estimate august 2016 because there is a lot to finish up on the game and it is suze’s birthday in that month if I am correct I won’t say earlier because looking at past releases it took them quite awhile just to do 1.1 from 1.0. For all we know it could go into next year but most likely it releases on suze’s birthday or near that time in august

iirc Suze said that the next update is going to be up when it’s ready.

suze posted this 15. Feb. 2016:

the tester get it once suze is trough with it, once they beat it we get it

and yesterday he posted this:

so i think suze has beaten the top 4 and the testers got the game this week (or will get it within the next few days)

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Somewhat doubt we may be getting it soon because I remember suze writing how the next update will be the last update meaning the next update will have all the post game and everything in it probably taking a while. We may get update 1.1.8 before that for some more mystery gifts. Time will tell when we get 1.2