Anyone have a Mawile for trade- Newbie

Trading Name: Zwei

Offer: Delta Ivysaur

Request: Mawile

Further info: Looking to do a 3 pokemon run. Would love to add mega-Mawile to collection. Only on second gym.

don’t offer a delta, someone would just give you one for free, i would but not free right now

Ah ok. I don’t mind delta Bulbasaur cause i dont like it lol.

Deltas are Rare Pokemon, you shouldn’t trade them off for Pokemon that can easily be caught or bred, just saying. If you would ask on the Discord server you will be able to get a free Mawile in a few minutes.

I can give you that Mawile,1 iv stone and 1 heart scale for that

I can get you one what nature would you like?