Anyone have a delta venasaur or delta blastoise they'd like to trade?

Trading Name: AhphaNyte

Offer: 2iv stones,3 heart scales,old amber,armoured Flygon &/or Zebstiker &/or Ditto &/or Skuntank or/& armoured Leavanny &/or Magcargo

Request: Delta Venasaur with mega stone (any level or evolution of delta venasaur with mega stone is) or/& Delta Blastoise with mega stone (any level or evolution of delta blastoise with mega stone)

Further info:I have more pokemon if wanted msg me to check whether i have that pokemon or not

the only thing worth even trading is the IV stones and maybe the heart scales, as everything else people can get on their own. And if you want to get the poke with the mega stone then you will probably need to offer more along the lines of 5 IV stones, maybe even more.

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around how many?