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Anyone has a shiny Gyarados I can trade for?

Trading Name: CailieAnn

Offer: Shiny Hydreigon

Request: Shiny Magikarp

Further info: Hi! I am a fan of Red Gyarados, just wish if anyone is able to trade with me. I am not a shiny collector, only for Gyarados only. Appreciate if anyone can help!

you might have some trouble with that trade, since generally the people that do have a shiny magikarp/gyarados would want a shiny that isn’t as easy to get as the shiny deino from the radio tower missions in return.

I could offer something else for the trade!

i could probably get you a shiny gyarados, what would you be willing to offer instead

Hi! Thank you for your reply! I am early in the game though, can offer Delta Venusaur or Charizard or Delta Snorlax, any fossil Pokémon, Delta Petilil, Any eevee, Delta Froakie, Delta Solosis, Delta Bergmite, Delta Pidgey, Delta Belum, Shiny Deino. Delta Liepard……

I hope there is something you like?

I can offer you a shiny gyarados for shiny dieno/hydregion since I’m collecting them.

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Thank you so much! That will be great! When can we trade? Let me know the time zone and the time?

I am ready to trade now also if you are ready.

what else are you willing to offer for my shiny hydreigon?

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