Anyone got an eevite?

Trading Name: Sqiddy747

Offer: pretty much any non delta non legendary pokemon up to the pokemon league and i can shiny hunt OR find hidden abilities.

Request: eevite

Further info: I can do shiny deltas that you can find more than once as well as delta scyther, aipom, petilil, snorunt, growlithe, geodude and the starters. I can also offer (not shiny) delta bergmite, cyndaquil, gardevoir, axew, feebass (I can send with the cleanse tag) and pidgeot.

I have an eevite

Could you shiny hunt a Tyrunt or Tyrantrum for me?

Ok. Any particular level?

any level is fine

Is this for your team cos i can try to match the level

its not for my team just for collection

also if you could get a it with jolly or adamant nature that would be amazing

image proof

I’ll do my best but can’t guarantee it cos of the fact that I don’t have the shiny charm yet so the odds are rly low to just get a shiny

how far are you in the game

About to challenge the E4

are you at Narra Border

I’ve been there but didn’t talk to anyone apart from the one guy that i battled

you can find Tyrantrum there

also tip if you use dex nav you have a better chance of finding shinies

ok thanks

Would you rather jolly or adamant? I’m trying to find a pokemon with synchronize to increase my chances of finding the right nature at the moment.

I have a jolly and adamant synchronizer that i can give you for free

It’s fine. I do have a few ralts that i bred a while ago so was just trying to see if one has either of them. It turns out that i have both so which would you rather?