Anyone got a breedject delta froakie?

Trading Name: VortexInfurnus

Offer: Maybe some heart scales? idk

Request: A delta froakie. (preferably with adamant or jolly, but I’ll accept any nature)

Further info: I want to use delta greninja to beat the E4 and champion, but I found out u can only obtain it post game. Can anyone help me out?

Do u have IV stones? I can give you a Naive 5x31 IV froakie

@cij5 I have 3 IV stones, and do you perhaps have a delta larvesta as well? I tried to set up a trade for that with someone else, but he ignored all the PMs so do u have one? I’ll give u all 3 IV stones if u can (first time trading for stones, tell me if that’s not worth it or something) Also, what ball is the froakie in? I usually prefer pokemon in the same pokeball as their looks but its ok if its not in a nest ball or something.

D. Froakie

D. Larvesta

You okay with the Froakie?

I have 5x31 bred delta froakie if you didnt find one

@IcyWarlock I’m okay with both actually. But is there a way you can change the pokeball they’re in?

Nah I’m sorry when breeding them I forgot to change the pokeball they’re in.

Dang it. I guess that’ll have to do. Unless u could breed them again?

I don’t really mind if its 5 IVs or not, if u have to @IcyWarlock

Hopefully u didn’t save

I’ll breed them again. Which ball should I put them in? Luxury Ball for D. Larvesta seems nice.

I think a Friend Ball will fit Delta Froakie best. Definitely Luxury for DLarvesta

Perfect! But I’m afraid I can’t trade till two days later. Will u be on at the time?

Sure, just ping me on this thread.

are you on discord mate? do you take breeding requests?

Yeah I am, and you helped me transfer pokes just now lol. :slight_smile:

@IcyWarlock u there? and also, so i need 3 different trashmon to trade IV stones or no?

Nah 2 stones will do. The Froakie doesn’t have perfect 5 IVs. Gimme 5 minutes.

Do I need 3 different trashmon? Or can u just trade items just like that.