Anyone can trade me a shiny Giratina?

Trading Name: CailieAnn

Offer: anything!

Request: Shiny Giratina with any IV

Further info: I know it’s a ridiculous request but I have been soft resetting for 20k now and still no luck so am trying my luck here

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Hmmm. Mmmk “anything” what are things that you can offer. I do have 3 shiny giritinas and 2 of them have perfect ivs.

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you seem to be a animal collecting enjoyer, i respect that

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I can offer the original Giratina or legendary with IV stones or dream mist? Very flexible :pray:t2:

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My favourite animals.

How did you manage to get 3 shiny giratinas?

Multiple save files,multiple systems.

I will take one dude. Whatcha lookin for in return?

I can offer you some meme mons. Another bidoof named Doof Astley, if that fits?

Deltas with good ivs.

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I can get you a 6IV delta of your choice.

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