Anybody want jolly pokemon

Trading Name: nutuse

Offer: jolly pokemon

Request: knowledge on how to make all wild pokemon not jolly and figer the worth of jolly pokemon

Further info:would like meloetta if thats there worth

You probably have a Jolly Synchronizer at the front of your party. The Synchronize ability makes it such that all wild Pokemon would have the same nature as that Pokemon provided that it’s at the front of your party.

Also, the Jolly nature has no “worth”. What’s worth is the Pokemon themselves.

Or a jolly ditto. Or both!

oh thanks I will just swap around my pokemon now which pokemon do you want

I can catch nearly anything from the torrent region

Nah I’m good, I don’t need any Pokemon. Also if you need help, it would be better to post it in the Questions section of the forums.

ok thanks

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