Anybody care to give away Giratina

Trading Name: Aura_YT

Offer: Nothing, looking for people who dont care about it.


Further info: I Lost The Battle Against Mine, Could Anybody Trade Me One, Its Alot To Ask For, I Understand If Nobody Wants to trade their, just looking for some help.

First D-Bergmite and now Giratina. Are you aware that it’s possible to save before an encounter and then restart afterwards if you didn’t catch the Pokemon?

i had autosave on… but yes i am aware, thats why im not asking for 5 different other delta pokemon

so can you trade me one?

Lmao no sorry. I’m using mine

k, if you ever stop playing the game, contact me plz

I can try to ask my brother if he can trade his since he stopped playing but he doesn’t really like doing anything.

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