Any spare crystal piece?

Anyone has a spare crystal piece I really need it for the elite four battle.For some reason I didn’t get any crystal piece in infernal base and when I fought Damian.My username is Moodmah.Please s send it to my mailbox in secret base and comment Done if you did it thnx.

Will you give it back

And also welcome to the community :grin::v:

I can get you one at most in a few days. The funny thing is you can get four crystal pieces but only three Pokémon can use them.

I am not sure but don’t you get a crystal piece when you fight Damian in the dream realm

Emerald I will wait it’s fine

Aj also thank you for telling I would rather have a permanent one

Yeah, if you’re pretty far in the story, you should get it soon. It’s before the eight gym.

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But that crystal piece is also taken away. You can’t use it for the first run of the e4 which is very tough in this game.

You don’t even need Giratina for the E4, I think it is not that good there in my opinion. Tell me your team, I’ll help you.

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Here we go again… if you do end up giving him your team, be prepared for the wave of information coming.

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:roll_eyes: lol

Nevermind then :unamused:

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Oh wait is it was taken away.I thought everyone got it and I didn’t.I don’t really need it cuz I have a very op team but it would be easier if I had it but thanks for the help.The only problem is pp is there any way I can farm or get pp ups?

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Hum… I don’t know ._.

Battle Frontier seems most intuitive option in my mind, but there is no Battle Point system in Insurgence.

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