Any Regular Pokemon for Delta Axew

Trading Name: StormofTorren

Offer: Non-legendary, non-Delta Pokemon of choice

Request: Delta Axew

Further info: Looking to complete Pokedex but accidentally fainted D. Axew on encounter. Cannot offer Deltas since I do not yet have Delta Ditto. Am willing to level up and/or evolve reward Pokemon to specifications and have reward Pokemon hold an Egg or Fossil if desired. Not guaranteeing optimal stats as my patience is spent from catching 700 Pokemon.

Gotchu fam. When are you available?

Thank you so much! I will generally be available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons. I’d say that between 1:30 - 5:30 pm EST will be a reliable window. What Pokemon would you like, so I can get to obtaining it?

Don’t need anything. Just grab a trashmon and you should be alright

Fantastic. When should we trade?

I should be available tomorrow. I live in Norway so GMT will help significantly there, not to mention I am going in a sort of semi quarantine anyway (since some dude at a public area had Covid). However, if possible, we could trade in about an hour or so

Probably can’t do it today, as I have work soon. Tomorrow will work fine though. Should I plan for 1:30 EST?

Go ahead. I should be awake at that time after all

Hey, you there? I can get you the D. Axew rn if you want if you are available now?

Yes, I’m online right now. Is your in-game name something other than Egill?

Nah, just Egill

Are you in the game right now? It says you’re not online.

I’m hatching one right now, after that I can trade. What is your trade name?

StormofTorren, I believe. Is it just your username?

Pretty much. Also, quick tip, don’t close, minimize, whatever the window when trading. It bugs it out a bit

There you go! Have fun training that thing

Thank you so much!

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