Any pokemon with pokerus

Trading Name: D.Victor22

Offer: adamant syncronizer

Request: any pokemon with pokerus

Further info:

I can trade you one if you’re able to trade now


All right, let me spread it to a mon real quick

whats our trade name(sorry for my bad english,i’m brazilian)

No worries, my trade name is megastone I already have an adamant synchronizer btw, so you can trade me any trash mon

modest syncronizer ?

I actually have a synchronizer for every nature, believe it or not :stuck_out_tongue:

ok lets do it ?

All right, sending request in 10 seconds


No problem, enjoy :slight_smile:

how does pokerus work

Essentially it doubles the EV gains from defeating pokemon

why dont you just buy calcium protein hp up etc in helios

Because it’s expensive

-_- well you get tons of $ beating rich kids

Even so, in order to fully EV train a stat you’ll be spending almost 240,000 pokedollars, which is quite a lot

oh nvm then but doesnt pokerus last for 2 days or something

No, it can only spread to other pokemon for 2-4 days, the effects are permanent.