Any plot left after your battle with..(spoiler)

that professor dude with the delta golems?


Thank you.

@Dechozen101 what about the Reukra quest, where you catch ******

He’s not involved though?

I dunno if the guy was talking about plot in Holon or in general, but there’s definitely more plot in Insurgence after beating maple

Oh, I thought he meant with just Maple. Sorry, there’s still a good amount of plot left.

well shit. Where to next then after Maple? Black Market?

Have you caught Darkrai yet?

I have.

I just got a call from Damian. I think I’m good. Thanks!

It’s cool. Is there anything left after beating tobias and Graham?

Now, go to the Perfection base and look at Reukra’s note.

I can’t find the note in the perfection base even after seeing the cutscene when Gaen talks to reukra in the lab and gives him the flute

Oh there’s more to Reukra after catching Arceus? I’m not home right now but I’ll check it out when I get a chance.

Oh, I thought you hadn’t fought arceus yet :cactus:

I did. Is that all the plot that’s left in the game?

nope, there’s still more. google “insurgence post game guide” for all the details