Any other Beldum?

Ive already got the trade one when they request an electric-fire Pokemon (Rotom-Oven), and evolved him to a great Metagross, but now that im doing a living dex (from time to time) and i finally get to gen 3 and came to the Beldum line, i want to know if there is any way to get another Beldum in-game? Or trade is my only option left?

Thanks in advance and sorry if bad gramar 0:)

Yeah, with a ditto and breeding :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there are metangs in friend safaris too, but you’d still need to breed to get the beldum

I Have a lot of beldums it’s very hard to hatch and breed…

If you have 10k spare cash you can use Vipik City’s egg hatcher to get beldums out of the eggs faster.

lol yes breeding, i dont know why but i was thinking that Beldum line cant have eggs lol xD Sorry and thanks :sweat_smile: