Any one wants to trade

Trading Name:Bibo

Offer:delta charmander

Request: any starter pokemon with the dream mist item.

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Hey I can trade you. Does it have to be a delta starter?

any starter will be okay

Okay how does a Oshawatt sound?

Can someone breed a delta drift bloom for me. Accidentally killed it and need it to complete pokedex

I also have every pokemon in the game not including deltas so if you need some i probably have it. I can give it with a dream mist

what pokemon can u give

i currnetly have 912 pokemon caught in my pokedex. if you want a specific one i can probably get it

i would also like to know if you have a delta combee and delta lanturn

i have delta combee
but not delta lanturn

doesit have to be breeded

delta lanturn comes from a delta chinchou. if you can trade a delta drifloom and a combee that would mean a lot to me. If you would like a specific delta or regular non legendary from me, I can give it to you

but do you have what ever encounter you have for it. I forgot to save the game before encountering it. Drifloom is found while soaring

what you could have done is exit the game then open it then do whatever u did from the start,and u encounter delta drifloom again.

that was a long time ago

i ll try to find delta drifloon and catch it,unrelated but what moveset do u have for arceus

my arceus has dazling gleam, judgment, roar of time, and spacial rend. Giratina has dragon pulse, dark matter, shadow force and aura sphere. I am not able to message now because this is my first day on this account. please send your user so I can trade with you. Also give the pokemon you want

and what moveset does ur giratina

Look at my comment about arceus. Also, I just finished my pokedex exept for drifloom. So please only trade me that. Can you pick a pokemon you want to trade