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Any have an extra delta golett they don't want?

Trading Name: shadowr740
Offer: I’ve got a delta charmeleon if that appeals to you, I’ve got a pokemon with pokerus, and a delta Grimer
Request: Delta Golett
Further info: I don’t have much but I want to be able to play through the game with my favorite-looking pokemon rather than have to wait till I’ve beaten it and done with playing. Ya feel?

I could trade you mine

Alright, what would you wanna trade it for?

I’m easy keep your deltas, they’re one of a kind. I’m more interested in a male with 31 Iv or good nature. Username: Thive

Any male?

Yep, like sudowoodo, tyrogue, riolu, especially tyrogue. I’ll throw in a delta feebas as well.

So I have a Riolu but it doesn’t have good Ivs and its nature is impish, and a Larvesta with Timid nature and 31 ivs in Health, Attack, Sp. Defense, and speed. Both have Pokerus though so that’s a plus I guess? I don’t need a delta feebas though, so if these are good I can trade you both of them for it but I doubt you want the Riolu.

Larvesta is fine, you are sure you don’t want delta feebas it’s a 5IV and I’m literally giving it away.

Alright! ready to trade when you are.


What happened?

idk, I was about to ask the same question

Thanks man!

You’re welcome, tell how it is. Check out my posts as well friend.

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