Any Custom Sound Packs?

I have been wanting to play this game for years, but to me, the soundtrack has been the biggest issue. 99% of towns have the same theme, the wild pokemon music is grating with the bizarre wind (?) sound effect, and none of the battles feel impactful important or entertaining because the soundtrack doesn’t back it up.

Has anybody made like a custom music/sound pack for this game?

Pretty sure most of the sounds are the default RPG Maker/Pokemon Essentials sounds. The major fights do have some pretty great music. Don’t know about custom sound packs though

You can only replace tracks. So ya cant set where a track should be played. So you will see the same track and again even if u replaced em.

Yeah there have been some afaik. Just search up custom music in the search bar on the forums, or maybe go to google for some bangers. If you need a guide for replacing audio tracks, here ya go .